SBB Twindexx

In 2010, Swiss Federal Railways (Schweizerische Bundesbahn – SBB) commissioned Bombardier Transportation Switzerland AG to construct 59 new double-deck trains for long-distance traffic. The vehicles have energy-efficient engines, which allow energy saving of around 10 percent and reach speeds of 160 to 190 km/h.

SBF is fitting the trains with front headlamps constructed in steps, which comprise a LED signal lamp and halogen full beam. These have all-over glass heating.

Client: Bombardier Transportation GmbH
Project: Front headlamps, comprised a LED signal lamp and a halogen full beam


Zefiro is a new generation of high-speed trains for use at speeds of 250 km/h to 380 km/h.

The manufacturer Bombardier Transportation is already enjoying international success with the Zefiro. Not only due to honours like the coveted iF Design Award for the exterior design of the ZEFIRO 380 and the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, but also due to some major orders, including from China.
SBF supplied the high-performance LED marker lights for the vehicle front-ends, which in addition to the signal function illuminate the track far more reliably than comparable halogen headlights.

Client: Bombardier Transportation GmbH
Project: Design-oriented red/white switchable LED marker lights with additional spotlight function

Transrapid Shanghai

The world"s only maglev train currently in commercial use connects Shanghai Airport with the Pudong area of the city.

The train covers a distance of 30 kilometres in a journey time of just seven and a half minutes with a top speed of 431 km/h. The track system was built by a Chinese company. The train itself was supplied by the German Transrapid consortium.
SBF supplied the lighting system integrated in the luggage carrier flaps. The line is operated by the Shanghai Maglev Train Corporation.

Client: Siemens AG, Thyssen Krupp
Project: Luggage carrier flaps with integrated general and individual seat lighting

CRH3 - China Railway Highspeed

In November 2005, China ordered sixty high-speed trains, that are based on the Siemens Velaro platform.

Siemens has founded a partner company with China Tangshan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works for this project. The first three Velaro CN were produced in Krefeld as part of a know-how transfer. The following trains were built in Tangshan.
SBF performed a know-how transfer of the conventional ICE3 lighting technology with a Chinese partner company as part of this project.

Client: Siemens AG
Project: A lighting strip integrated in the luggage rack with T8 fluorescent technology with individual seat lighting using reading lights

Velaro Eurostar

Ten new Velaro Eurostar act as a complement to the recent express trains in the Eurotunnel between France and England.

The 390 meter long trains have a capacity of around 900 seats and are designed for a maximum speed of 320 km/h.

SBF reworked the entire interior lighting system of the Velaro platform and illuminated liggage carrier flaps as well as all interior in LED technology.

Client: Siemens AG

Velaro D

The Velaro D is the fourth of these high-speed train designs based on the Velaro platform.

The Velaro (also known as ICE in Germany) is the most successful high-speed train in the world with more than 360 examples sold.
SBF supplied the illuminated luggage carrier flaps and the complete interior lighting system using T5 fluorescent technology and LEDs. Compared with its predecessors, the Velaro D stands out for its considerably improved comfort as well as increased energy efficiency.

SBF supplies the illuminated luggage carrier flaps as well as the complete interior lighting system in T5 fluorescent and LED technology.

Client: Siemens AG
Project: Interior lighting using modern T5 fluorescent technology and LED spotlights
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