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Innovative developments and forward-looking products characterise the colourful history of SBF Spezialleuchten GmbH for the last 150 years. Founded by master ironworker K.A. Seyffert in 1862, Sächsische Bronzewarenfabrik soon became a success thanks to the advent of gas lighting around 1870 and the manufacture of the first electrically operated exterior lamps around 1889. Milestones in the company’s subsequent history include the lighting for the Semperoper in Dresden, complete lighting systems for luxury yachts and the lighting system for the Transrapid magnetic monorail. SBF has been heavily involved in the market for ceiling and lighting systems for rail vehicles since 1968. In 2007, SBF launched the world’s first production of LED lighting systems for rail vehicles and quickly advancing to become a hidden champion that sets the standard in the industry on several fronts. We still see ourselves bound by this tradition of progress – to the benefit of our customers. Go to Overview...


Founding of Sächsische Broncewarenfabrik K.A. Seyffert
Product portfolio expanded to include shipping
Start of production of lighting for rail vehicles
Reprivatisation and founding of SBF Spezialleuchten Wurzen GmbH
Off-shoot business founded - LMW, manufacturers of decorative lighting
Start of development and production of LED lighting
World’s first production of LED-based lighting systems for rail vehicles
World’s first production of ceiling elements with LED lighting
Internationalisation: activities in China, India, USA, Japan, France
WWorld’s first production of LED lighting systems for high-speed trains
New investor and senior management team
Completion of the new high-tech factory in Leipzig
New senior management team


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