Why our LED light is sure to move you.

We have a passion for developing lighting technology that will make your passengers feel safer and more secure. SBF never stops working on lighting systems for the rail vehicles of tomorrow. We do this because we know what light means for us as people. Light is the future. Light is health. Light is life. SBF has been working on the effect of light in interior spaces and on the lighting of streets and paths for 150 years. The latest scientific findings and sophisticated engineering provide the foundation for corporate know-how that knows no equal in the world, producing a very specific form of lighting systems using LED technology. Different disciplines, such as plastics, electronics, fire safety and waterproofing come together to create intelligent ceiling, wall, floor or frontal lighting systems.

The added value not only means more safety and security for passengers, but also a long-lasting, maintenance-free, reliable product that will withstand ten years of continuous stresses, while also reducing day-to-day operating costs for rail vehicle operators. This is what makes SBF so unusual in this market, making us a leader in terms of technology and quality for ceiling and lighting systems for rail vehicles.

There is no need to ask us whether we believe LED lighting technology is suitable for rail vehicles – we are convinced that there is no lighting system that is more cost-effective, efficient or flexible. The only question for us is how we can integrate the most modern lighting system in your trams, underground rolling stock, regional or high-speed trains.

Experience our little blue miracle!


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