Reducing operating costs

with LED lighting technology

The advantages of LED lighting technology are obvious: first and foremost, there are huge savings to be made in terms of energy costs over the lifetime of a vehicle (we calculate up to 30 %). A low build-up of heat has a positive effect on the cooling units in the trains. This also leads to lower maintenance costs.

In technical terms too, everything favours LED technology: no UV/IR radiation, LEDs are do not require slow-blow fuses, are resistant to vibrations and shocks and cause no noise of flicker.
Finally, they are free of harmful materials and recyclable and contribute to resource-friendly production. That’s why the following customers have chosen this technology.

When can you let us have the opportunity to convince you?

High Speed

High-speed trains are the flagships for modern rail travel. From prize-winning grid light systems to exclusive interior lighting, SBF products can be found on board.

Light Rail

Millions of commuters use the LED lighting systems from SBF in commuter trains. Without realising it, they enjoy the benefits of homogenous general light or modern information light systems.

Subway & Suburban

Up to 40 % energy savings can be achieved in environmentally-friendly commuter trains with our LED lighting technology.


Whether used in new vehicles, or in modernisation projects, such as the tramway in Munich, LED lighting technology always pays off for operators.

Our Clients

All internationally operating manufacturers and operators of railway vehicles:

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