Experience our little blue miracle

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* Experience our little blue miracle:
Have your trains turned
blue yet?

Enhance your passengers' performance and well-being by installing blue light.

* Experience our little blue miracle:
Have you seen the breadth of blue train compartments?

Enhance your passengers' sense of space and safety by installing blue light.

* Experience our little blue miracle:
Did you know that blue light kills bacteria?

Let your passengers enjoy their journey free of germs and bacteria. And make sure they know about it.

* Experience our little blue miracle:
Why not reduce your operating costs by 30% by installing blue light?

Reduce weight and energy consumption by using blue light in your trains, which you can also change to red. If you wish.

* Experience our little blue miracle:
Why not invest in blue?

Investing in blue trains will reduce your energy consumption by 80%. Something that not only your passengers but also the environment will safely appreciate.

How is this possible?
With LED lighting systems from SBF.

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